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Hello (trés fab) Universe!

Welcome to trés fab! If you happen to care about our blog name its meaning is probably what you think it is. However, it can change meaning depending on the language you’re using.

As most of you know trés in French means “very” (pronounced as trey) while in Spanish trés means three. So it can mean “very fab (fabulous dear!)” or fabulous times three. Well both are correct as there are three of us writers/bloggers who will share our very fab experiences here.

Fab, aside from “fabulous”, can also stand for F(un), F(amily), F(rance), F(antasies), etc. A can stand for A(dventure), A(nimals), A(rchitecture), etc. While B can stand for B(uzz), B(eauty), and as many categories that we can think of.

So expect this blog to share in (hopefully-worth-your-while) articles, information, photos, topics (mundane and otherwise) and whatever comes our way. We are excited to share our own little adventures in life.

Hope you enjoy your visit!

trés marias during lunch at Cyma Greek Taverna Eastwood, Libis Q.C. Philippines (from left: Maria Lucille, Mary Lou and Mary Kelly) 🙂


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