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Lucky Friday the 13th

Last April 13, Friday the 13th was a good day to meet with friends. In fact it was a reunion with my young set of friends who always make me feel  delightfully “ juvenile”.  Though  already in my senior years, our  age gap has never been a factor in our small circle of sisterhood. They always understood my quirks and where I was coming from. They seem to have this peculiar ability to read my current state of mind.  Hahaha.  Call it my imagination but it’s true!


Kelly and I meet once in a while in a nearby mall but I have not seen Malou (now based in the U.S.) for more than five years. We do chat online but there is nothing better than talking to each other in the flesh.  And what happens when these trés marias meet? Chat to our heart’s content.



Food has always played a major part in our lives. We always eat eat or drink drink.  I forget my diet restrictions when I am with them. Fun, isn’t it?

On this particular Friday, we decided to try Greek cuisine so we went to Cyma at the Eastwood Mall. We were the first to arrive and last to leave. Thanks Cyma for letting us stay longer to enjoy our bonding time.

We had three choices salmon pasta, mixed meat shawarma and pita bread with artichoke dip. We were not disappointed.  They were all delish! Need I say more? (by Lou Dagondon)


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