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Happy Homecoming in Manila

It was Fhe’s first vacation in the Philippines eight years after she moved, married and settled in the U.S. (Florida then Maine then New Hampshire) while Miggy came here for a regular vacation (from California), with husband Chris, last month. Both are friends and former co-workers so it was an exciting time to meet and catch up.  Tita Lou and I met with Miggy mid-April and enjoyed to our heart’s content the endless chikahan and Greek cuisine. (See our pics at Cyma).

Then the three of us met with Fhe late April over lunch at Little Asia in Promenade, Greenhills. The choice of venue was easy because it is one of our fave restos (at least for me and Tita Lou). As expected, we had good food, great conversations and shared lots of gossip(?!) hahaha. Needless to say, it was a glorious get-together. We had an amazing time! (by Kelly B)

Fhe was surprised to see how Greenhills had changed during the eight long years that she was away.

Our balikbayan friends enjoying their time in Manila.

From left: Fhe Reali, Chris and Miggy Bledsoe and Arleah Baingan

time to order!

Appetizer Sampler (P295): prawns wrapped in bacon, Vietnamese spring rolls, shrimp curls, Indian minced meat samosas and golden pouches

Creamy pumpkin and fresh carrot puree with yogurt (P135). One order is good for four!

For only P235, you can enjoy the Seafood Fried Noodles with fish fillet, shrimps, squid and vegetables. One order is good for up to six persons!

The ambiance is cosy and elegant.

Little Asia’s House Special Crispy Chicken (P255).

Because we dined with a VIP (Lou Dagondon, of course!), we were treated to such a sweet surprise: Choco Sweet Potato Chips and Vanilla Ice Cream “on the house.” Thanks Little Asia!

We had a fun day and it shows! See you next year girls! Hopefully, with Agrely!


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