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Food and Friendship

Marlou and I have been friends since 1976 — 36  solid years shared by two women  who met  in a far flung city in Northeastern Mindanao.  When we met, I was already a newbie mom to a year-old son and Marlou  was  newlywed   to my husband’s  childhood friend, Mayong.  We were in our early 20s then, full of dreams  and  both looking forward to raising our own families.

Finding a common ground for us to relate to and cement our friendship on was  not difficult. We were both Manileñas and graduates of the state university. We sort of talked  the same “ language” so we jibed.

After almost four decades of friendship and five kids (Marlou has a son and daughter while I have three sons) we still share a lot of things in common, one of which is food.

Our taste buds’ adventures  are  nonstop quests for an  unforgettable palate experience. Pardon the cliché but isn’t that what we always hope for when dining out, specially when a premium price is attached to it?  Marlou’s unica hija and my goddaughter, Chuchay, suggested that we try Wagyu Grill and Steakhouse  at the Eastwood Mall. It was Marlou’s first visit to this mall so we had to make  our lunch a memorable one. The steak we had had  a grade 8 marbling  description. Truly the 300 gram juicy wagyu steak  exceeded our expectations. (by Lou Dagondon)



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