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My Sweet Converts

On two separate occasions my need for an endorphine rush was kindly obliged by three of my foodie friends. Malou, Kelly and Marlou. After taking our lunches, I suggested we have something to clear our palates. Mea culpa for steering them away from their no sweets memo but because they are good friends I had to let them taste this slice of heaven. On both times I was the ultimate temptress, not even a legion of angels could dissuade this fanatic from making them my partners in “crime”. Happy to say that I was not turned down and after an hour at Mary Grace they were hooked.

Mango Bene is not your ordinary dessert!

Though the three have patronized Mary Grace before, it was their first time to take a nibble of my favorite, Mango Bene. This cake is richly layered with cream and mango slices.

The sweetness does not overpower your sweet buds but instead tickles them oh so mildly that another forkful is so much welcome.

Mango bene is always served well chilled, almost frozen with a mantle of crystallized frost on the mango topping. It is pure palate pleasure… indescribable!

And to think it was only a year ago that I was introduced to this gastro high…love it!

(by Lou Dagondon)

Marlou enjoying her dessert.

Malou, Kelly and Lou at Mary Grace Café, Eastwood Mall


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