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All’s Well That Ends Well

Our family lives near Libis, a flourishing hub where you will find Eastwood City. Because of proximity and convenience, Libis became a natural choice for our weekend sorties.

It is truly a little city as there are residential buildings, malls, hotels, BPO companies and various booming  business establishments in this well-planned complex. Who would ever think that what used to be a vast track of land that played host to tall cogon grass  and a  few somber looking industrial  buildings along the way will transform into a modern center for  fun, food , beauty and wellness.

For days, hubby Ed has been craving for roast duck.  We finally decided to go last Sunday with the whole family. Two of my granddaughters (by my niece, Aya) Marga and Mackie  are vacationing  with us  so it was a chance to treat them to dinner. Ed can sometimes be very insistent in his choices that any suggestion will surely fall on deaf ears.

His personal pick for that evening was Yang Chow Dimsum and Teahouse at Shopwise, Libis. We have eaten roast duck  in this eatery before and  honestly,  it was quite good not to mention a tag price that did not cause a cardiac arrest.  It was such a pleasant dining experience for him that it  got stuck in his memory bank .

We were all hyped up to have roast duck for dinner but our enthusiasm was all for naught when the waitress nonchalantly said “no stock!”  A  few expletives  escaped Ed’s already rabid mouth to express his disdain. After all he has been fantasizing over this for almost a week. My son suggested their fried chicken as substitute. It actually proved to be a good replacement. What started out as a disappointment became a palate gratifying experience. Thanks to the following flavorful dishes–fried chicken (@P390), the platter of appetizer (@P300), the birthday pancit (@P200), the siomai (a far cry from the kiosk type, delicious!!! @P65 /4 pcs) and lumpiang shanghai (ultra crispy fried pork spring roll @P200) which saved our evening  from turning  sour. If you’re curious about the roast duck, which we did not get to eat, it’s @P1,300. But well, there is always a next time!  (by Lou Dagondon)

waiting for the roast duck

no roast duck??? hmmmm

while waiting for the food

Yang Chow Dimsum offers good palate experience

Special platter of cold cuts. I love the crispy white jelly seaweed. (@P300)

Crispy Golden Fried Chicken: Binondo type of cooking, crispy skin but tender and juicy meat. (@P390)

with my husband, Ed!


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